Alternances, Waignein

Alternances, Waignein

Musiknoten Alternances, Waignein
Bestellnummer: 202350  
Kategorie:: Blasorchester  
Schwierigkeitsgrad: 5 - Sehr schwer  
Dauer: 12:30 Minuten  
*Preis: 170,99 €
Lieferzeit: sofort Portofrei (Inland)   
Genre: Konzertmusik  
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Alternances, Waignein - Blasorchester
In 1984 the Corciano (Italy) Tourist Authority initiated a composition competition for wind band. For this event André WAignein composed "Alternances for Symphonic Band", a piece which won him the first prize in the competition. The opening of the work is based on a very tonal foundation. The English horn (or alto saxophone) introduces a rich and warm theme which is immediately taken up by the whole orchestra in a grandiose manner. The subsequent development shows off all the elements of the orchestra to the full. In the second movement, the English horn (or alto saxophone) comes to the fore again. A harmonic change gradually takes us back to the allegro of the first movement. The musical development is here dominated by exuberance, virtuosity and rhythm.

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