Centennial Prelude, Van der Roost

Centennial Prelude, Van der Roost

Musiknoten Centennial Prelude, Van der Roost
Bestellnummer: 214396  
Kategorie:: Blasorchester  
Schwierigkeitsgrad: 4 - Schwer  
Dauer: 3:25 Minuten  
*Preis: 94,99 €
Lieferzeit: sofort Portofrei (Inland)   
Genre: Eröffnungsmusik  
Aufnahme auf CD: Brass Dynamics, de Haan  
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Centennial Prelude, Van der Roost - Blasorchester
This short opening music was composed on commission of the symphonic band of Jan Van der Roost's village (= Kontich near Antwerp / Belgium). In 1991, this community band celebrated its 100th anniversary. After composing commissioned pieces from different countries (even from Japan), this was the most 'near' commission he ever received indeed!It is a short but varied piece, featuring all sections of the band. After a short introduction, played by the brass instruments, a crisp rhythm starts and boxes the main theme. After a second theme, played by brass and percussion, a short melodical passage brings some 'rest'. At the end, the fanfare of the introduction reoccurs.Although this "Centennial Prelude" isn't a really demanding piece, it sounds colourful and energetic. It has been recorded on CD by the band of the 'Royal Dutch Airforce' and the 'Desford Colliery Brass band'.

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