Silverado, Bruce Broughton/Roland Smeets

Silverado, Bruce Broughton/Roland Smeets

Musiknoten Silverado, Bruce Broughton/Roland Smeets
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Kategorie:: Blasorchester  
Schwierigkeitsgrad: 4 - Schwer  
Dauer: 04:30 Minuten  
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Genre: Film, TV und Musical  
Aufnahme auf CD: Silverado Vol. 41  
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Silverado, Bruce Broughton/Roland Smeets - Blasorchester
Bruce Broughton (1945) American orchestral composer of television, film, and video game scores and concert works. He has composed several highly acclaimed soundtracks over his extensive career.The score for Silverado was written by the then-39-year-old Bruce Broughton, and at the time was the biggest assignment of his career to date. By 1985 Broughton was already a highly respected TV composer, having racked up several Emmy nominations for his work on popular shows. Silverado was just his third movie assignment. However, despite his relative inexperience, Silverado was a massive success in musical terms, and is easily one of the standout works of the composer’s entire career. Fully orchestral, rich, bold, powerful, and steeped in the Western traditions of composers like Aaron Copland and Elmer Bernstein, Silverado is a classic of the genre that rightly earned Broughton an Academy Award nomination.

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