Visions of Australia, Graham Lloyd

Visions of Australia, Graham Lloyd

Musiknoten Visions of Australia, Graham Lloyd
Bestellnummer: 514853  
Kategorie:: Blasorchester  
Schwierigkeitsgrad: 5 - Sehr schwer  
Dauer: 8:14 Minuten  
*Preis: 112,50 €
Lieferzeit: 2 - 14 Tage Portofrei (Inland)   
Genre: Originalwerk  
Aufnahme auf CD: Toward the North Star  
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Visions of Australia
Visions of Australia

Graham Lloyd

Grade: 5
Time: 8:14
Series: Concert Band
Year: 2008

‘Visions of Australia’ is a musical panorama paying tribute to the epochs in Australia’s history from its Aboriginal predecessors through to its ‘yet to be determined’ future. The journey begins with a tribute to Australia’s aboriginal past, the arrival of the British Navy and the establishment of the first colony on the shores of Sydney Harbour. The journey then meanders through to the development of electricity and communication, through the wars and to the present. Following a brief reflection on the past, the music concludes with a stirring and patriotic march-like section representing a confident and bold future. The work is a great challenge for all sections of the band and will be easily accessible to any audience.

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