Brabantica, Willy Hautvast - Fanfare

Brabantica, Willy Hautvast - Fanfare

Musiknoten Brabantica, Willy Hautvast - Fanfare
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Aufnahme auf CD: Traffic Circle  
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Brabantica, Willy Hautvast - Fanfare - Fanfare
Sheetmusic for concert- or fanfare band
In the region “Land van Cuyk” (in the province of Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands) a contest is bi-annually held for the wind bands in that area. This festival is endorsed by the Co-operative Rabobank “Land van Cuyk-Noord”. This is the “Land of Cuyk” that was the inspiration for this overture. The first part of the piece depicts a trip along the calm river Maas, with threatening high tide, symbolised by minor key music and bell-ringing, but then again peacefully running. The next up-tempo part suggests the high spirited nature of its people and the passing of the annual “4- Daagse” walking-tour. The following slow part expresses the blooming wind band culture in this region. After that, the trip continues joyfully.

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